The Daily Meditator is the monthly e-zine curated by author and meditation teacher, Light Watkins to be your resource for fun, quirky, interesting, and noteworthy happenings in and around the worldwide meditation community. 

Our secondary mission is to humanize the practice and broaden the horizon of what a daily meditator looks like, while providing you with relevant information and timely inspiration for staying committed to your daily practice (especially during these uncertain times).

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TDM founder, author of Bliss More and Knowing Where to Look, and meditation teacher
Freelance writer/editor focusing on holistic wellness and sustainability. Continually looking for ways to deepen society’s connection to the natural world.

Kristen Vandivier is an instructor of Vedic Meditation and the founder of The Vedic Method, Meditation Without Borders and the Being the Change Podcast.
My passion lies at the foot of learning to embrace this beautifully flawed masterpiece that is the human experience as a meditation teacher in Denver, CO.